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Public Speaking & Workshops For Companies

I speak for women leadership networks and any women-led and women-focused business about how to to awaken feminine leadership. Here are three reasons why a company or organization might want to explore different leadersip models when it comes to women and the workplace in itself.

1) A high burn-out rate. If many women are getting burned out at a company or an organization, awakening feminine leadership at a workplace could turn out to be an unexpected solution. It doesn't mean that structural and organizational issues shouldn't be addressed, of course they need to be part of the solution, but learning how not to be a "good girl" and set clear boundaries, while also learning how to go for their own pleasure, changes the game on all levels.

2) A hard-charging masculine environment. Any industry or organization that fosters masculine, left-brain and disembodied ways of showing up (which also could take place in hospitals and in other care-giving institutions with mostly female employees) will benefit from an awakened feminine leadership.

3) Cutting-Edge in a Masculine Way. Any company or organization that says it's cutting-edge or forward-leaning, for example saying that it's a so called conscious technology company, but still is disconnected from awakened feminine leadership has a powerful opportunity of learning other ways to lead.

With my background in the technology industry, in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and in Sweden as well as within the creative industries in Hollywood, having been both a CEO and a VC-funded entrepreneur, I do understand how businesses and organizations work - and I know that when the feminine leadership wakes up in an organization, everything shifts.

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